Chapter 6

The Smartphone of Finance

We do not guarantee any interest crediting referenced above. Indexing caps and participation rates vary by product and company. Consult with your agent. Caps are subject to change and are not guaranteed. This graph is intended for educational use only. 

No fees or costs of insurance were deducted in this example. These figures are for demonstration, not to indicate the actual performance of any product. Caps will vary over time. In this example, I used a 13% cap in an up year and .25% minimum floor in a down year. For educational purposes only.

VIDEO #1: Dr. Marius Barnard: The Founder of Living Benefits 

A surgeon named Dr. Marius Barnard created Living Benefits after he recognized the need for critical illness insurance. He realized that when people

get sick, in addition to needing a medical doctor, they also need a financial doctor who can show them how to pay their bills. The wonderful video below tells the story in his own words. When I first saw this video, it motivated me to tell the story of Living Benefits to America. I felt empathy for the sick girl. She had to work until the day she died

when her policy finally paid its benefit.

VIDEO #2: Cheng's Story

Cheng was focused on his future retirement benefits when he bought his IUL policy. He did not expect to be diagnosed with stage three cancer at a young age. Thank God, Cheng’s policy had Living Benefits to protect him when he needed it the most. 

VIDEO #3: Karissa's Story

Karissa lived a very active lifestyle and started her IUL policy not expecting to become a stroke victim at the young age of 50. Living Benefits put Karissa at ease and gave her family comfort throughout this difficult situation. 

VIDEO #4: Amie's Story

Amie’s story is about a young nurse with an eight-year-old daughter. Amie’s life was turned upside down when she was diagnosed with cancer. The Living Benefits check she received for $430,000 saved her life and her family. 

VIDEO #5: Kip's Story

Next, we meet Kip, age 29. Like most of us, he never believed a critical illness could strike him at such a young age. When he was diagnosed with cancer, the generous payout he received funded his recovery. 

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