Chapter 7

How to Protect Your Existing 401(k) or IRA

VIDEO #1: The Retirement Peace of Mind

I want to mention the importance of asset diversification. We should never put all our eggs in one basket, including annuities. This is just a smart business practice. Take a look at the next video where I talk about the importance of diversification, guaranteed income and financial peace of mind. 

Cap rates, fees and income options will vary over time and by Insurance Company. Check with your agent. 401(k) fees vary. Please check with your current financial institution for details regarding any fees associated with your 401(k) or IRA.

VIDEO #2: Why Choose the Flooring Approach 

The flooring approach is a concept that proves retirement is not the place or time to be taking risks. Your savings need to be in a stable, guaranteed, and reliable vehicle that will take care of all your basic living expenses, giving you a solid floor to confidently stand on for as long as you live.

The right fixed index annuity does precisely that, while keeping you safe and insulated from market risk and volatility. 

Harvard School of Business Article 

Wharton Study Article

ARTICLES: Annuities Are Highly Recommended 

Over a decade ago, I read the Harvard and Wharton School of Business articles regarding retirement income. Oddly enough, both articles talked about the need for guaranteed income in retirement to at least cover basic expenses such as food and housing. These principles still hold true today, considering the current financial state of our Social Security system. 

Merton, R. (2014). The Crisis in Retirement Planning. 

Babbel, D. & Merrill, C. (2007). Investing Your Lump Sum at Retirement.

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