Ron Petrinovich


My name is Ron Petrinovich. I am most proud of my 44 year marriage to my wife Karen, my three kids, Jamie, Jennifer and Jessica and my five grandkids. I am also very proud of the great company I have built with my founding partners, Ronald Bloomingkemper and William St. Clair. We couldn’t have done it without our insurance company partners, the many great leaders at FEG especially Gilles Moua and Mai Lee, Joel and Arlene De Guzman, Neil and Christy Alcomendras, Andre and Nellie Moua, Nonei and Peter Vorasane, Nida and Fred Villagonzalo, and many others including our incredible staff. 

The purpose of this book is to educate you about the various financial options in existence today that most people are unaware of. Some of those options may be of benefit to your personal situation. I wish I had known about these products earlier. Between the pages you will learn about new and exciting retirement planning strategies, how they work and how they are superior to traditional retirement plans. 

I am a licensed insurance agent—not a lawyer, CPA or stockbroker. I do not and cannot give legal, tax or stock market advice. I offer insight into life insurance and annuity strategies that many Americans, including myself, have used to turbo charge their retirement savings while legally reducing taxes and fees. 

I encourage you to get advice from a knowledgeable insurance advisor who has your best interests at heart. A competent professional will start by asking you about your family situation to analyze your actual needs and goals. That is the only way to custom-tailor a solution that is right for you or to know if one is available.

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