Preface By Ron Bloomingkemper

What this book does is simple. It teaches you about a revolutionary new product that protects your most valuable asset, your income. You are covered whether you live a long time (which most do), get sick along the way, or die too soon. It can also provide a tax-free retirement income. You heard that right. If properly structured, it can replace your current income, tax-free! 

Today, over 144 Million people own the old kind of protection. One of those people might be you! It is time you learn about this recent paradigm shift happening in one of the largest industries in the world—financial services. Not only can we set you up with a smart retirement plan, our company is rapidly growing and could offer you a career opportunity second to none. 

Take a look at the six-minute video below. It will introduce you to the urgency of our consumer message.

VIDEO #1: The Crusade

In this video, you'll discover the Livings Benefit Crusade.

We are setting out to change peoples lives by teaching them

about a revolutionary way to build a secure financial future.

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